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The beauty of a kitchen lies in the kitchen cabinets, the bright colored cabinets appends to the beauty of the kitchen and also improvises the functionality making it more accessible.

If you want to renovate old kitchen cabinets, we will provide you with a broad variety of cabinets that are available in various colors, textures and polishes. We also offer you custom kitchen cabinets to add a touch of personalization to the whole space.

Our company offers you the best kitchen cabinet renovation ideas and repairs at affordable prices for you to relish your kitchen for the rest of your life.


A kitchen is the most functional place in a home, and a kitchen countertop is the most used part of the kitchen. While installing kitchen countertops, endurance is the essential characteristic, as every countertop differs in resistance, it is necessary to find a perfect balance between the looks and functionality.

There is a wide range of countertops such as granite, quartz, marble, etc. available with us in different colors at best prices. Are you bored of seeing the same worn out and cracked countertops and need a countertop replacement? Get in touch with 101 Home Renovation, and we will provide you with some of the best tile kitchen countertops. We also offer our customers with a complete consultation and make the renovation process easy and quick.


A kitchen island is the social space of a kitchen, it enhances the overall appearance and allows you to create that extra storage space, which keeps things accessible for your family. An island table comes in multiple varieties such as movable, wooden, granite kitchen islands and so many more, pick your favorite island and add finishing touches to your home.

The space in the kitchen decides whether you can install a big or a small kitchen island in your home. If you are planning for kitchen island renovation you can get in touch with us, we will provide you with kitchen island design ideas and also give a complete renovation and design consultation.


Appliances help you to live in luxury and make your life more comfortable by making regular everyday jobs more manageable.

While buying new kitchen appliances, the first thing you must decide is the finishes and colors. There are multiple finishes like red, black, white and stainless steel kitchen appliances available with us. We have direct relationships with many appliances manufactures, which allows us to get the best price in the market.

If you want to install home kitchen appliances, get in touch with 101 Home Renovation. We will provide you with the kitchen appliances installation and design consultation for your kitchen.


A kitchen backsplash is an essential element of your kitchen as it acts as a protective shield to the kitchen walls. As you do a lot of activities in that particular area, it should be beautiful and pleasing to your eyes hence we equip you with amazing backsplash designs to accentuate your kitchen area. 101 Home Renovation offers a complete range of kitchen backsplash designs like contemporary, classic, eclectic and modern backsplash to spruce up your cooking and dining space without carrying out an entire overhaul of the room.

Our range of kitchen backsplash tile includes material like glass tile, mosaic, brick, metal, travertine, stone, ceramic, tin, granite and slate backsplash to accentuate your kitchen walls. Our proficient team will make sure each backsplash installation project is executed with attention to detail and precision. Call us now to get a free estimate and design consultation.


There is nothing better than a perfect home-cooked meal that is hot and arrives straight from your home’s kitchen. But, what if the most functional part of your home is in a shabby condition? Kitchen renovation is the best solution to your problem. Undertaking a kitchen remodeling and design project has many points attached to it because it is directly linked with an individual’s personal habits and a family’s lifestyle.

101 Home Renovation offers you with the best kitchen renovation ideas according to your requirements. From installing kitchen cabinets to repairing them we offer you a complete kitchen remodel consultation. Comprising a team of remarkably skilled professionals who are trained and supervised in critical situations, we make sure that the work delivered is worth recognition and satisfies the price that you have paid for renovation. We also cater to custom kitchen remodeling that helps in achieving the desired look for your kitchen.

If your kitchen needs a makeover, and you want to work with a reliable team that specializes in kitchen renovations? Get in touch with our company, working with us will assure high-quality work with no space for errors. Our team of experts will provide you with the best-suited options and give your hoary kitchen a brand new look in no time.


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