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Nothing is more sumptuous than a wood flooring. Providing a warm and elegant feel, hardwood floorings complement most decors. Whether you have rustic, modern or contemporary furnishings, we have wood floorings that suits your style and matches your furniture.

There are wood flooring options available with us such as oak, walnut, pine, maple, pecan, birch, bamboo and so many more to choose for your home. You can also select and customize wood finish and polishes according to your desire.

If you require a hardwood floor installation or do a hardwood floor repair, our reliable team at 101 Home Renovation will get it done in no time.


Available in various colors, textures, and materials, tiles are recognized to be one of the most durable floorings. Preferred by many homeowners, tile floorings make an ideal choice. As floor tiles are versatile and are available in an array of multiple patterns, it complements furniture of any style.

Ceramic, travertine, porcelain or vinyl tiles whatever your choice might be our expert flooring installation professionals will provide you with floor tiles design, which will suit your style. Our team not only perform tile floor installations but also takes care of the tile repair.

At 101 Home renovation, our crew is supervised and screened thoroughly. Offering a smooth installation and restorations services, maintaining the high standards of our company, rest assured our customers only receive excellent quality work.


Flooring that is available in various styles, textures, colors and patterns, laminate flooring is one such floor finishing material which is cost- efficient and can be installed without breaking your bank. Providing durability and low-maintenance, laminate wood flooring has become the most popular choice of homeowners. We have a wide multiple types of laminate floorings that suit the personality and functionality of each house.

We have waterproof laminate flooring, high gloss laminate flooring and attached laminate flooring that takes care of the functional part of the house which is suitable for various areas like kitchen, bathroom and living room. Furthermore, we have an extensive array of laminates in material like bamboo, timber, stone, slate, cherry, maple, vinyl, oak, ceramic and many more.

Installing laminate flooring can be tedious task but our professional do it with extreme precision. If you want to install or replace your worn-out laminate floors, you can get in touch with us. Our experts will suggest some best laminate flooring ideal for your house. Contact today for a free estimate.


Another easy-on-budget solution for floorings is vinyl flooring. Attractive, durable and available in multiple options, we have some eye-catching and luxury vinyl flooring to complement each room of your house. Offering various styles, we comprise vinyl floor tiles, vinyl wood flooring, vinyl linoleum flooring, faux wood and many more for you to choose.

Vinyl flooring is very easy to clean and as a bonus, it well sutured, which eventually lessens down mold and bacteria growth, you can also choose vinyl floor tiles to achieve the box-like symmetry on the floors of your house. 101 Home Renovation is a full-service company that does all installation, repair and replacement jobs with expertise. Contact us today to get your hands over a free estimate and experts design consultation.


While talking about comfort and good looks, carpet flooring is such an option that is relatively inexpensive and is comfortable underfoot. A carpet can style your room and provide a warm – cozy feel. You can choose floor carpets for home from a wide range of tight – twisted yarns, loose and frayed, nylon, polyester carpets and many more. These carpet options are available in an endless choice of colors and textures that suits each one’s style.

If you are searching for a full – service renovation company that does carpet replacement, you can get in touch with 101 Home Renovation. Their skilled team will take care of your carpet installation and replacement projects, providing high-quality work every time. We are committed to deliver 100% customer satisfaction.


What comes in your mind first when you think about flooring? The answer is, aesthetics and durability, the most aesthetically appealing part of your home is the floor. 101 Home Renovation has multiple flooring options available with us that have various durability levels, each for a specific use. You can pick your favorite from an extensive collection of colors and materials.

Our service providers will plan a meeting with the clients where they design a framework for the renovation or installation process. We consist a highly experienced team of professionals that strive to deliver quality work every time. Whether it is a flooring installation or a floor renovations our team performs everything with extreme care and pays attention to every minor detail of the project.

If you have home improvement thoughts on your mind and require floor renovations to get done, you can get in touch with us and we will provide you amazing home flooring ideas. Our company does not only stop on renovations we also provide our clients with floor covering suppliers, free estimate, and consultation related to the services.


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